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Get to know our team at Syeda Beauty!
Zahan Syeda.jpg
CEO and Founder

Hey Guys! My name is Zahan Syeda (aka. Syeda Zahan) or the “Syeda” in Syeda beauty lashes! So nice of you to want to know more about me!


One of the most common questions I get is how to pronounce my name so "Zahan" is said like "Jahan" and "Syeda" is said like "Sigh-yee-duh" 


Some other things about me is that I started this company at 17 years old. I was born in the beautiful city of Dhaka Bangladesh, came to Toronto Ontario at the age of two. Later I moved to Montréal, and finally made my way to Calgary in 2014!


I have a passion for Business and am going to take Accounting/Marketing in school! I am a certified makeup artist, I do eyebrows and lashes and I have always loved makeup from a young age and this truly something that excites me! Makeup is not about masking yourself, its more about enhancing your existing features in a fun and creative way!

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In loving memory of Syeda Rezeya Khatuun

Syeda Beauty is named to bring honour to generations of strong women. Syeda Rezeya Is my loving grandmother who raised over 9 children through wartimes during the Bangladesh genocide including my father.


Also Syeda Bulbul who is my loving mother is still here supporting me every day. She gave me everything she could and came half way across the world sight unseen to give me every opportunity.


Last but not least myself "Zahan Syeda" properly known as Syeda Zahan well i haven't written my legacy yet.. but I want to make the world a better place even in a small way so one day I can bring a daughter into this world and give her the first name Syeda as well and have her be proud

reina photo.jpg
Graphic Designer

This is Reina! She's so adorable! Reina has been my long term friend all the way back from elementary school! We've had some real adventures and always has helped me with technological things ever since we were young, weather it be trying to shoot a goofy Youtube video or helping me plan my sweet 16 Reina has helped me so much in my life, Reina is in charge of photo touch ups and designs things for my packaging! You can see more of her work when you make a purchase and get hand styled thank you cards in each order :)

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