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We offer contactless delivery and pickup options for those in Calgary, as well as heavy sanitization of tables, bins and anything else that will come in contact with you and the lashes! Even sprayed each order with disinfectant spray before sending them out! Either hands are sanitized or gloved before handling any product to ensure safety of all customers.


What are your lashes made of?


Mostly Plant Fibers! Faux Mink is a premium type of synthetic lash that was intended to mimic the quality and fineness of real Mink Lashes. It's a vegan friendly option that is made from plant fibers and plastic fibres,and the technology has improved over the years to make them look more natural than before. This way you are not supporting the murder of cute little Minks who are murdered for no reason, theres minimal difference between faux mink and real mink when it comes to style and vibe it gives off, but ethically faux mink is the way to go!

What Style is best for me?

Take our Style quiz to find out! 

Where do you ship to?


Canada, US and working on Internationally more and more each day!

Can I return or exchange?

Unfortunately for sanitary precautions we can not accept returns at this time, we can however take back items and dispose them in exchange for better ones only if there is a manufacturing error. Only for manufacturing error which is rare because all the lashes go under quality control! No exchanges for Misused lashes, see our care instructions for how to take care of them for the best possible number of uses!

How do I apply and care for my lashes?

Application and care instructions included in every order! I also give you a free spoolie with every purchase!

How are your lashes so affordable?


Simple! First of all I have minimal company costs, no large number of employees, no factory or store, just a small home based business. My family takes a huge part of my company which really helps me keep things minimal. Also the lashes go straight from a local manufacturer to you! No over-paying because of a designer lash brand logo. Often big name companies charge $20-$40 for their lashes, the price they charge is inflated over 5 times just for a logo! Who cares if you just look good? It's not about who's wearing lashes from where, it's about how good you feel, how confident they make you feel and what completes your look the best!


Where are you based?

Calgary Alberta! YYC


How do I contact Customer Service?

Easy! Email and we will respond as fast as we can!

What is the life expectancy of the lashes?

It depends on the style! Each style has its own recommended number of uses they rang from 20-60

How do I become an influencer or brand ambassador?

If you LOVE our concept and the look of our lashes and can’t wait to show the world, we would love to collab with you! 

Here's how to start::

1. Tag and in your Instagram posts & 2. Send us a DM!

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